Dangerous Effects of Chloride on Plants


Fertilisers are a very important component of farming and are required to ensure good yields and healthy plant growth. But along with all the essential nutrients, fertilisers also contain a potentially damaging element known as Chloride (Cl).

Most fertilisers that are manufactured with raw materials like Potassium Chloride (MOP) or Ammonium Chloride (AC) all contain chloride. Over time, usage of these types of fertilisers can build up Chloride content in the soil. This is particularly harmful to certain types of Chloride sensitive crops like durian, melons, mango, citrus, strawberry, cucumber, chilli, some vegetables at an early stage, etc. Most crops with a shallow root system are normally very susceptible to Chloride damage.

High Chloride can cause severe damage to most parts of the plant and subsequently affect yields and fruit quality.


It is important to use chloride-free fertilisers for all chloride sensitive high-value crops.



Some of the damages caused by chloride include:

  1. Low chlorophyll content in leaf (leaf yellowing)
  2. Low sugar content in fruit
  3. Necrosis of leaf margins & tips, leaf burn resulted in leaf drop and a drought-like symptom
  4. Compete with nitrate absorption in the soil causing N-deficiency symptom, leading to stunted growth and delayed flowering



Ultimately chloride results in weak plant health, low fruit quality and yield. To avoid these problems, it is recommended for growers planting chloride sensitive or high-value crops to apply ‘Chloride Free’ fertilisers. However, growers must be careful because a recent survey has found that many fertilisers in the Malaysian market labelled ‘low chloride’ actually contain Chloride content as much as 10% or higher.

Agrobridge’s COMPLEX SPECIAL and INNOTEC series are European NPK compound fertilisers that use Potassium Sulphate (SOP) or Potassium Nitrate (PN) as K-source, that make the fertiliser ‘Chloride Free’. Growers can be assured that all Agrobridge ‘Chloride Free’ fertilisers guarantee Chloride content lower than 1%. Apart from that, balanced Sulphur content in these fertiliser grades are also beneficial for flavour and aroma, especially important for crops like durian, jackfruit, mango, etc.


Benefits of COMPLEX SPECIAL and INNOTEC (Chloride-free fertiliser)

  1. Safe for chloride sensitive crop
  2. Higher leaf chlorophyll content and better plant health
  3. Provide higher sulphur content for crop’s needs
  4. Stronger plant resistance during drought
  5. Improve crop’s yield
  6. Improve aroma, taste and shape.